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you will soon find!

Human resources are the true capital of any company, so our consultancy is based on the central importance of the person.

eitos: supporting your ambitions.

Eitos helps achieve the expectations of both new graduates entering the job market, and of highly-qualified candidates, managers and directors choosing to address new career challenges in order to boost their professional growth. All decisions are bound by a strict code of confidentiality during the recruitment process, protecting the candidate’s privacy.

people are more than their CV.

Eitos does not stop at the information available in your CV. We endeavour to dig deeper, to really discover your
abilities, your character, your ambitions, in order to offer you opportunities for professional growth that are
best suited to you. Transforming individual uniqueness into a resource.

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For our client companies, we are looking for:

SR Consultant/Project Leader
Ref. 904_C_Sr
JR Consultant
Ref. 905_C_Jr

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