Eitos s.r.l., Company authorised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to operate without time limit to seek and recruit staff, in compliance with Article 2, paragraph1, letter c) of Legislative Decree No. 276 of September 10th 2003, (protocol no. 1404 of January 22nd 2007), informs those users who connect to the Internet site http// (hereinafter called 'Site'), of the procedures and modes of management of the Site as a medium for information about the Company and as an instrument for collecting personal data, pursuant to GDPR Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679.

Eitos Srl Via Guglielmo Marconi 10, 33080 Porcia (Pordenone) - Italia. Telephone number +39 0434 924092, email, pec

Eitos has appointed a DPO (Data Protection Officer), who the persons concerned may contact by sending an e-mail to, with the subject header REQUEST TO THE DPO.

This Privacy Policy will be subject to updates.

Users are advised to carefully read and print out this policy before providing any information concerning themselves


This website, besides being used as a medium for information regarding the Eitos Company, is also used as an instrument for collecting data.


By connecting to this website, data that have not been associated with specific users (identified parties) are also collected, and could permit the identification of the user if said data were to undergo specific processing. IP addresses, URLs and other parameters related to the user's operating system fall into this category. Any use of these data is anonymous and is linked solely to the dynamic functions of the Site and for statistical purposes in order to obtain information concerning the number of accesses to the Site and to verify that it is functioning properly.

We do not make automated decisions based solely on Automatic Processing, including Profiling, which has legal or other similar effects for users.


The explicit and voluntary sending of email to the addresses indicted on this website entails the subsequent acquisition of the sender address, which is necessary to answer any queries, as well as of any other personal information included in the message.

Where a user is a candidate, and he/she sends their curriculum vitae by e-mail, they must insert a footnote authorising the processing of personal data and particular information in accordance with current regulations, after having read and fully understood this Privacy Policy statement. (For example:I hereby authorise the handling and communication of my personal data pursuant to GDPR Regulation EU 2016/679).

Data may be transferred outside the European Union and for such purpose, measures have been taken to ensure compliance with European legislation in force governing personal data protection and processing. To allow communication of personal data to third countries, expressed written permission must be specifically authorised in a footnote on the CV sent.

Data relating to minors will not be collected.


Specific dedicated information will be progressively provided or displayed on the Site pages for these particular services requested.


Collection and processing of personal data is for the purpose, by the Company, of carrying out activities of personnel research and selection, or of Executive Search, acting in the interests of companies or client entities or the carrying out of research and selection activities for its own internal structure; to respond to requests concerning services offered; to conclude service contracts, to fulfil pre-contractual, contractual, regulatory and tax issues, to exercise all the rights to which the Company is entitled.

If the person concerned should decide to consent to the processing of their personal data, the Company will also be able to utilize said personal data for statistical surveys; such surveys will be carried out on a global basis and therefore will be anonymous.


Aside from that specified for browsing information which is automatically collected by the system, the submission of personal data by the user for the above-mentioned purposes is compulsory, otherwise the Company cannot proceed with the provision of the services mentioned.

It should be noted that consent and authorisation for the collection of personal details must be expressed in writing. These details, voluntarily given, are useful during the process of personnel selection (for example: belonging to legally protected categories), although not required, in addition to their personal ones. Personal data which is not necessary for the purposes stated, although spontaneously provided, will be deleted and personal data will in any case be processed.

Any refusal to submit the information required for the achievement of the purposes stated will make it impossible for Eitos to carry out the aforementioned activities in relation to the person concerned.


Data collection may take place through the involved party sending, to the Company, by post or email or in person, data concerning their personal and professional experience, organised in a curriculum vitae format, or by registering their personal information directly by logging on to and filling in the on-line form.

Sending the Company your curriculum vitae can therefore represent:

  • a spontaneous application;
  • a reply to specific job advertisements related to the activities given above which are published by the Company in local, regional and foreign newspapers and magazines or on other media;
  • the reply to any initiatives concerning activities displayed above on the website of the Company or on other specialised web portals.

Data collection regards only the personal data that will be processed strictly within the limits of the obligations and the purposes stated.

The person concerned must not therefore submit unnecessary personal data, such as personal data that are suitable to reveal racial and ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political opinions or trade unions, as well as personal data disclosing their state of health or sex life (compulsory military service, for example, should only be indicated as fulfilled or not, without further specifications as regards conscientious objection).

Furthermore, the person concerned must not submit personal information concerning judicial data, namely the data which are suitable to revealing measures of the type indicated in article 3, paragraph 1, letters a) through o) and r) through u) of Presidential Decree no. 313 of 14th November 2002, concerning criminal records, records of administrative sanctions resulting from offences and related charges, or the condition of accused person or person under investigation in relation to articles 60 and 61 of the code of criminal procedure.


Data is processed both manually, in paper form, as well as by computerized and IT methods, adopting the measures necessary to guarantee respect for fundamental rights, freedom and dignity of persons, with particular attention to confidentiality and personal identity in accordance with existing Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Specific security measures are in place to prevent the loss, alteration, or illegal use of data collected electronically, as well as unauthorised access or improper use of data subject to processing not in accordance with the purpose of the data collected.

However, users should be aware that transmission of data via Internet does not ensure absolute levels of security.

For this reason, any transmission of data involves a risk for the user, despite our commitment to apply strict operating procedures and adequate technical and organisational security measures necessary to prevent any unauthorised access to, or modification, deletion or transmission of said personal data.


Data are maintained for the time strictly necessary to pursue the aforementioned purposes.

Eitos has the faculty to store your personal data for up to 10 years from your application or from the last activity where an interest was shown regarding the Company. (For instance, registration, access, updating or uploading of your CV or any correspondence).

Data may be kept for a longer period if this was imposed by contractual obligations or by specific regulations in force.


Any data submitted will be processed for the aforementioned purposes and through the above-mentioned manner by staff responsible for data processing specifically appointed by Eitos s.r.l., at any registered office of the Company in Italy.

Your data may be made available for the purposes stated to employees and collaborators of the company in Italy and abroad, by virtue of their position as appointed parties and/or data supervisors and/or system administrators; to third-party companies or other entities (for example: banks and credit institutions, professional firms, consultants, insurance companies for the provision of insurance services, etc..) which provide outsourcing services on behalf of the Company in their capacity as external data supervisors and persons in charge of processing personal data designated by the Company.

The personal data provided may be communicated to private or public entities which have been given mandate by the Company to pursue activities referred to above. These subjects will process the data acting as autonomous processing controllers.

Any data supplied will not be subject to disclosure.


As set out in the GDPR, the user has the right to:

  • Access their own personal data or to ask for them to be corrected or deleted
  • Withdraw their consent to the processing of his/her personal data
  • Lodge a complaint with the European Data Protection Supervisor

To exercise the rights provided for by the GDPR, the person involved can address their request to the DPO – Eitos Srl Via Guglielmo Marconi 10, 33080 Porcia (Pordenone) - Italia or electronically to the following email address:, stating in the subject header 'Request to the DPO'.

For each request, the person concerned may be required to provide a contribution concerning the expenses, which will not exceed the actual costs incurred, within the limits and according to the terms and in the manners laid down by current legislation.

Last updated SEPTEMBER 2019